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The Perfect Gift

Celebrate A Loved One's Life

Gift a 'You, Me & A Cup Of Tea' experience to a loved one to validate and celebrate their unique fingerprints in this world forever. Listed below are some of the ways these recordings can be so uplifting. 


Give a loved one the opportunity to re-visit significant moments, events and people that have shaped their journey.


There is nothing that validates a life and a journey more than talking about it without filters. Whether young or old, having a permanent record of your truth, in your own voice, with your own words, is something to treasure forever. An authentic snapshot of who you truly are, focusing on how you have survived, whatever the obstacles, to share with others or simply to keep for yourself.

Bare Feet Model

Be Heard

There is nothing more empowering than knowing you have been heard. This is an opportunity to be heard without the limitations or restrictions of friends and family, which offers the freedom to be authentic in a way that is extremely rare.


As humans it is in our nature to be defensive about our achievements. We rarely take the time to stand back and realise the value that our unique fingerprints have brought to this world. Recording your story opens up a real chance to recognise just how special you are. It is an act of kindness, above all ... to yourself.. 

Senior Woman
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