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The Host

'A Safe Pair Of Hands for Your Story'

This is your life, your journey, your story,  your voice, you can rely on the Host to gently hold your recollections with care, respect and dignity.


Suzi Cairns

Graduating from Reading University with a Combined Honours BA in English Literature, Theatre and Cinema, Suzi has been forever intrigued by how best to represent the human experience for posterity.


An exhibited artist, a published author and poet. For over 15 years, Suzi wrote articles on everyone from Kim Jong-Un to Donald Trump, from Love Island to Brexit, from Birthing Doulas to Equine Physiotherapists.


When her local radio station ‘4 Legs Radio’ invited her to create a show in 2018, 'Knock Knock with Suzi Cairns' was born, and rose to No 10 in the MixCloud International Interview Charts.


So successful was the concept of telling people’s life stories in this format, that as Covid-19 began to wreak havoc across the globe in 2019, separating loved ones worldwide, it became clear that offering the expertise she had gained to members of the public would be a really worthwhile enterprise.


‘You, Me & A Cup Of Tea’ Was Born.


Suzi is no more than a conduit for your story, simply offering a safe space and a safe pair of hands for you to recount your journey.


This adventure is for you, about you, controlled by you.


The recording which is created is your private property and Suzi will destroy all traces of it, in accordance with GPDR protocol, once she is sure you have received and saved the file.


Suzi recognises above all that your fingerprints are unique, as is your voice - it deserves to be heard.


She will escort you on your journey to be the author and architect of your very own place in history.

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